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Dry eyes

Sécheresse oculaire

What is dry eye?

Dry eyes occur when the eyes don’t produce enough tears, or when tears are of poor quality. Tears are essential for keeping the eyes hydrated, protecting the surface of the eye from infection, and giving good vision.

Dry eyes can cause burning, stinging, redness, blurred vision or sensitivity to light.

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Lentilles sclérales AKS

What is a scleral lens?

A scleral lens is a lens that bridges over the cornea and stabilizes on the white part of the eye.

Thanks to its positioning on the white part of the eye, which is less sensitive than the cornea, the lens ensures great comfort.

A tear reservoir located between the lens and the eye keeps the ocular surface hydrated all day long, and vision clear and stable.

The scleral lens is strongly indicated for .

  • severe dryness
  • corneal irregularities
  • corneal surface alterations
  • when adaptation to rigid or hybrid lenses has failed.

For lens insertion, use single-dose, preservative-free saline solution.

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