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How to care for your lenses

All contact lenses require rigorous daily care using appropriate, CE-marked decontamination and/or cleaning solutions.

Always wash your hands with soap and dry them with a clean, lint-free towel before handling your lenses.
Before cleaning your lenses, empty your lens case.
Never re-use the remaining solution, and always renew the entire liquid.
Always start with the same lens to avoid any inversion. If you're right-handed, always start with the right lens.
Always clean your lenses after wearing them, and follow your eye care professional's cleaning instructions.
Always apply make-up after inserting your lenses. It's best not to use pencil on the inner edge of your eyelids. Remove your make-up after removing your contact lenses to avoid clogging them.
Be sure to read the instructions for use that come with your lenses, and observe the recommended wearing time and replacement period.

It is absolutely forbidden to rinse your contact lenses under running water. Your contactologist will be able to recommend the right products for your lenses.

Please follow these recommendations to the letter.

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