adaptation software

iAdapt software

iAdapt is the fitting assistance software from LCS Laboratory. This application is an ultra-complete software that will guide you through your adaptation, from the 1ʳᵉ lens to the prescription.

With iAdapt, you can calculate the parameters of your first intention contact lenses and make any necessary changes based on your observations. This application is compatible with PC and MAC computers.

Savoir Faire LCS : Fabricant de lentille de contact
Wide choice of lenses

Hybrid, Scleral, RGP, Orthok, Soft,...

Expertise LCS : Fabricant de lentille de contact
Connection with your corneal topographer
Access to adaptation history

Your orders or prescriptions.

Editing the prescription

LCS is a French laboratory specializing in the production of contact lenses. With over 20 years’ experience, we support healthcare professionals in prescribing contact lenses adapted to their patients’ needs.

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