our scleral lenses

Lentilles sclérales AKS

A scleral lens is a lens that bridges over the cornea and is placed on the sclera. It can therefore compensate for all corneal irregularities.

It is also indicated for corneal surface alterations and provides great comfort.

It is the ideal solution for patients who have failed to adapt to hybrid or rigid lenses.

In which cases?

Corneal irregularity

Corneal surface disorders


For all types of cornea:
Irregular (keratoconus, transplants, etc.)
Regular (severe ametropia, dry eye syndromes, etc.)

Available in Multifocal version

Material : Dk 200
                    Dk High

Wear : Daily

Care :
Hydrogen peroxide solution + LCS Clean
Multipurpose solution + Enzymatic tablets (for a deaper disinfection)



Optimised thickness according to diameter, combined with a high Dk, ensures maximum corneal oxygenation.

The scleral lens provides unrivalled comfort in rigid lenses, as well as perfect visual stability.

A multitude of parameters for maximum customisation of the lens: