Manufacturer of speciality lenses

Who are we?

Improving visual quality for wearers: a priority
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(Re)discovering the benefits of visual quality 

Our mission is to meet all visual needs by providing healthcare professionals with a complete range of speciality contact lenses manufactured in Normandy.

A specialty lens is a contact lens designed to meet specific vision correction or visual comfort needs. Unlike ordinary contact lenses or spectacle lenses, which have a standard correction, speciality lenses are made to measure to meet the individual needs of each patient.

Our lenses are used to treat a range of ocular pathologies: keratoconus, grafts, trauma, surgery, scars and all types of ametropia.

Our company designs and produces lenses: we control the production chain.


We develop and manufacture on our own premises, thanks to our team of engineers.

Made in France

We are proud to have our production site in France, in Caen, Normandy. Thanks to our expertise, we are able to distribute our products in France and around the world with great speed.


Our company designs, produces and markets lenses entirely in our own laboratory, supported by a team of qualified engineers. The lenses are made to order using state-of-the-art technology and a team of experts.

A company on a human scale

Our human-sized team is rich in business skills, complementary talents and varied profiles.


Our values


Our main concern is to support you so that you can benefit from the best possible equipment. We have developed a support system specially designed for healthcare professionals, based on a personalised approach and the use of appropriate software. Our aim is to offer you support tailored to your needs.


Contactology is a passionate profession, and we push back our limits to improve everyone's visual performance. We adapt quickly to each request, with optimum responsiveness.

Savoir Faire LCS : Fabricant de lentille de contact

We continually mobilise all our know-how and expertise to guarantee healthcare professionals and their patients a quality service.


We strive to manage our actions in a sustainable way to reduce the impact on our planet.


Our history


Creation of the company

Keen to manufacture contact lenses made in France, Emmanuel Veillard has chaired Laboratoire LCS since 2000.

From 3 employees when it was taken over by the current chairman, LCS now has more than 45 staff.

In addition to a manufacturing site in Normandy, LCS also has an optical centre specialising in contact lenses and ocular prostheses in Caen.


Invention of the EyeBrid

In 2010, the path to innovation was launched with the creation of an R&D department. Three years later, the new product, designed and developed entirely in-house, is a so-called “hybrid” lens. Protected by two patents, it is now marketed under the registered trademark EyeBrid.


Worldwide distribution

After consolidating its presence on the French market, LCS began its international expansion.

Today, the company distributes its contact lenses throughout Europe and in over twenty countries around the world.


Launch of the AKS

After extensive trials and research, the AKS scleral lens was launched in 2020. This lens is manufactured with a high Dk to correct vision by creating a uniform surface above the cornea.

Thanks to a comprehensive range of lenses, LCS is able to respond to a large number of pathologies in France and around the world.