The last generation topographer Medmont E300 associate with our adaptation software : iAdapt.
The corneal topographer Medmont E300 offers an extreme precision of corneal measurement.
The complete measure's history can be stored and consulted easily and quickly. A wide range of display options is now available, supplying critical in information for your contact lenses adaptation. This topographer supplies a precise and vast mapping of the corneal surface, proposes a big variety of display and transfers datas in one single click.

The automatic image capture make the measuring process simplier and faster. It is sufficient to position the instrument and let you be guided by the system of 3D focus. Every video image is analyzed, corrected and the 4 better captures are automatically displaying on the screen.

The topographic comparisons can be easily made has in order to estimate the incidence of the orthokeratology lenses wearing.

From the measuring process to the prescription in only one click.