The FREE Software iAdapt on WEB

The Web version of iAdapt works on individual or networked computers and tablets, through you internet connection. (With this version you therefore cannot connect a topographer).

Just like the software, it allows your client to calculate their paramaters and directly order their lenses throught your desired access.
Discover all the advantages that you will have when you use this free software by checking the presentation below.


iAdapt is LCS's own fitting software.

iAdapt is a total software package which guides you throughout your fitting, from the first lens to the final prescription lens. iAdapt allows you to calculate the parameters for your first trial lens as well as subsequent modifications after your on-eye observations. iAdapt is compatible with both PC and MAC.

Comparative images illustrate the various possible observations and help you choose any lens modifications necessary. iAdapt covers a vast range of lenses including hybrid lenses, scleral and rigid gas permeable lenses.